Friday, January 27, 2017

Even More Bobby McNeily Details Emerge: They're NOT Flattering

Here at, we've tried to inform voters in Wheaton about the character, history and background of one of the candidates running for Wheaton City Council in the West District named Bobby McNeily.

You can :
And we're not the only one's questioning Bobby McNeily's fitness for public service.  Sure, he's fooled people like wingnut David Diersen and even some of the more reputable Milton Township Republicans.  They think he's a rising star.  They're wrong.  They've been fooled by an actor.  

One of our readers has sent in a little nugget that shines some new, additional light on Bobby McNeily and the details aren't flattering.  As you know, Bobby McNeily has a court record against him.  The details of which are here below in this note we received:
We decided to dig a little deeper by finding the Cook County Circuit Court case docket. Here is a copy of the public document showing that not only was Bobby McNeily sued, but he also lost. He appeared in court, and a judgment was entered against him. McNeily clearly owed these two gentlemen money, yet he refused to pay until a judge forced him to.

How can McNeily handle taxpayer dollars for the City of Wheaton when he couldn't even be responsible and honest in his own financial dealings? It's suspicious that immediately after this judgment was entered he began working in politics. Was the life of a politician his solution to his money woes? Did he think his skills as an actor would help exchange that failed career for one in politics instead?

The people of Wheaton deserve to know more.
Here's that case docket.  A guy who stiffed his roommates on rent now wants to be in charge of taxpayer's money?  Oh, please.  Wheaton can do better.  #WorkingForWheaton #McNeily4Wheaton


  1. It should be noted that Bobby McNeily is the national policy director for Turning Point USA, the ultraconservative propaganda house behind the notorious "Professor Watchlist" website, a hit list of "liberal" university professors being targeted for harassment nationwide. More information:

    Bobby's personal Facebook page (but only if you're friends with him!) is a streaming pile of vile, racist memes targeting President Obama, liberals, Democrats, Muslims, and anyone else who doesn't fit right in with white nationalism.

  2. Can Bobby McNeily make wiser decisions for Wheaton than he has in his own life? Do Wheaton Republicans need to start being embarrassed that they have this person representing them and lecturing taxpayers on fiscal responsibility and "handouts"?

  3. So, Bratty Bobby has a history of feeling entitled to other people's money. This seems to be his course of conduct.

    Why give him Wheaton's money now? He hasn't earned it.


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