Friday, January 27, 2017

Bobby McNeily Doesn't Pay Property Taxes

Why doesn't he pay property taxes in Wheaton?  Because he lives at home.  With his mom.

Listen...we're not saying that moving back in with your mom is a bad thing.  There are certainly reasons to do that based on your own life and experiences.  And in a lot of cases it makes sense.

But, if you want to be trusted with dealing with taxpayer's money - in the form of their property taxes - wouldn't it be important to actually have some skin in the game?

Meaning...shouldn't an elected official at the City Council actually pay property taxes?  We think so.

Bobby McNeily doesn't pay any property taxes.


  1. When there are other options available, why vote for this spoiled mommy's boy who:

    1.) Doesn't pay properties tax
    2.) Has a court record showing he's irresponsible and dishonest with money
    3.) Filmed himself mocking other races

    Wheaton HAS to deserve better than Baby Oedipus here.

  2. Is that Buster and Lucille getting ready for the Motherboy gala?


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